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Container Homes in Cyprus

Ideal for country home, Airbnb or normal residence. Relatively cheap compared to conventional homes.

Buy container home in Cyprus


Easily moves to different locations.

Energy Efficiency

Insulated for maximum energy efficiency. Winter or Summer.

Guarantee of quality

Very high quality modification of containers.


fully furnished
  • Includes delivery to your location
  • Delivery time 3 months



External dimentions: 2,44 x 12.19 x h 2,89 m, building area 29,8 m2.
Internal dimentions: 2,00 x 11.80 x h 2,45 m, gross internal (floor) area 23,6 m2.
Rooms: living room with kitchenette 14,7 m2, bedroom 5,9 m2 bathroom 3 m2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sea containers are made of corten type steel with increased resistance to weather conditions. Korten or COR-TEN steel has been specially designed and developed to minimize the corrosion process in very difficult weather conditions occurring in the marine environment.

The gross weight of an empty container is 2.5 tonnes for a 20″ container; and 4 tonnes for a 40″ container; The equipped  Home Container weighs approximately 8-9 tons.

The internal insulation of walls and ceilings is sprayed with closed-cell polyurethane foam with a thickness of 80 to 100 mm and supplemented with mineral wool (50 mm). The technology used eliminates thermal bridges. For floor insulation, we use closed-cell polyurethane with a thickness of 50 mm. The thermal insulation proposed by us has been adapted to the Central European climatic conditions. The very good thermal insulation parameters of walls and ceiling [U 0.18 W / (m² × K)] allow relatively easy maintenance of a certain temperature, regardless of the season. For heating objects we recommend innovative electric heaters or monobloc air conditioners with heating function.

Yes, it is best to plan its place during the planning process and to make connections at the construction stage.

Yes, we can make the necessary connections.


This is the basic scope of adaptation of the container containing the following elements: a new shipping container (one way), construction changes of the container, polyurethane spray insulation, internal construction of walls and ceilings, water and sewage system, electrical installation (sockets, connectors), plasterboard ; smooth, interior painting, window and door woodwork (PVC anthracite, 3-pane package); flashing; external painting.

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