Installations at Dhekelia oil terminal are used for the unloading of fuel from the oil tankers for the needs of the Power Station.
Mooring is effected on buoys and the unloading through submarine pipelines.

Dhekelia Oil Berth

Dhekelia oil terminal aerial photo

General Information
Position Southern Coast approx. 7km E of Larnaca
Function Oil terminal
Topography Open roadstead
Port Limits No port limits-only sea berth
Approach and entry -
Traffic Approx. 510,254 tons (2010)
Port Authority Cyprus Ports Authority
Limiting conditions
Controlling depth 14m
Deepest and longer berth 12.0m Draught, 225m L.O.A.
Mean tidal levels 0.30m
Abnormal levels 0.60m
Density of water 1025
Maximum size of vessel handled 225m
Local weather Fair prevailing winds summer SW4-5
Sea state Slight to moderate
Arrival Information
Port operations Oil receiving for the Electricity Authority of Cyprus Power Station
Vessel Traffic Service Larnaca Port Control
Port radio CH. 14-16
Notice of ETA 24 hrs prior to arrival
Outer anchorages Larnaca Tankers Anchorage
Pilots Larnaca C.P.A. Pilots
Tugs Larnaca C.P.A. Tugs
Local knowledge -
Regulations concerning entry Always after port master's approval.
Quarantine Pratique granted before berth, at Larnaca Anchorage
Notice of medical requirements To be sent 3 hrs prior to arrival
General layout Open roadstead
Seaplane PORT/area -

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