How do you appoint a customs broker in Cyprus?

In Cyprus in order for a company or individual to be able to clear their goods out of customs, they need to appoint a customs broker.

If you are an individual you will need to fill a form 1002. You can download this form here.

How do I complete the form?

In section 1,  you need to enter your details. EORI no is not applicable for individuals.

In section 2, you need to enter your custom broker details. In this case FAMAGUSTA GENERAL AGENCY LTD, PERMIT NO: 77, EORI NO: CY10031134Q

In section 3, choose General Authorization and fill and sign .

In order for you not to come in person to the Customs house , you are able to call a certifying officer to certify your signature. This is done in section 4. Once this is complete, you return the ORIGINAL form to your customs broker. Typically it takes 1-2 days to be registered in the customs system and then your broker may clear the goods for you.

Are you a business owner?

Then the same process applies to your business. You need to be a Director of the company to be able to sign this form.

In addition your business needs to be registered in Customs. For more info contact us.

Are you a non-Cypriot who is moving to Cyprus?

Again the same process applies to you as mentioned int he first part of this article.