The oil terminal at Vassilikos is used for the unloading of fuel for the needs of the Electricity Authority Power Station there.
Mooring is by means of SBM-(Single Buoy Mooring) and the unloading is carried out again through submarine pipelines.

eac power station vassiliko

General Information
PositionSouth coast between Larnaca and Lemesos.  Lat 34o 42,3 n – long 033o 17,8E
FunctionSingle Point Mooring (S.P.M.) and anchoring
TopographyOpen roadstead
Approach and entry---
Traffic Approx.682.750 tons (2010)
Port AuthorityCyprus Ports Authority
Limiting conditions
Controlling depth20 m
Deepest and longer berth13.90 m Draught 260 m  L.O.A
Means tidal levels0,30 m
Abnormal levels0,60 m
Deasity of water1025
Maximum size of vessel handled260 m L.O.A
Local weatherFair prevailing winds summer sw 5 - 6
Sea stateModerate to fresh
Arrival Information
Port operationsOil receiving for the Electricity Authority of Cyprus Power Station
Vessel Traffic ServiceLarnaca Port Control
Port radioCH. 14-16
Notice of E.T.A.24 hrs prior to arrival
Outer anchoragesVassiliko Anchorage
PilotsC.P.A. Pilots
TugsCPA Tugs
Regulations concerning entryAlways after Port Master’s approval
GuarantinePratique granted before berth at Vassiliko Anchorage
Notice of medical requirementsTo be sent 3 hrs prior arrival
General layoutOpen roadstead
Seaplane PORT/areChart 849
HazardsFish Farm close
Measured distance
Degaussing range
Traffic signals
Storm signals
Natural conditionsUsually fair
Directions for entering PORT
Basing and berths
Anchorages and mooringOil Tanker Berh (S.P.M.) Lat 34o 42,3 N Long  033o 17,  E
Port services
RepairsOnly in Lemesos port
Other facilitiesBunkering – stores – Fresh water provisions
CommunicationsTaxi service
PORT regulationsIMO regulations applicable

Vassiliko oil terminal