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Global Reach, Local Touch

When your cargo is far from home, it is close to ZIM’s heart.

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd is one of the most stable customers of the Cyprus ports serving the international trade of Cyprus since 1948.

Today ZIM operates a fleet of about 85 vessels of all types and sizes serving 180 ports around the globe with a network of 270 agents worldwide. SHOHAM (CYPRUS) LTD has been since the very beginning the proud representative of ZIM in Cyprus and with our experienced staff faithfully serves the needs of the Cyprus importer and exporter.

There is a total carrying capacity of  around 350,000 TEUs.

ZIM vessels connect Limassol with ports in the United Kingdom, North Europe, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the United States and Canada, Central America and South America and the Far East.

Using state of the art information and communication systems, ZIM offers to it's customers online tracing information concerning vessels schedules and the position of their cargoes.

We shall be very pleased to reply to all your enquiries and suggest to you the best solution to your shipping requirements at competitive rates.

ZIM Iberia in Limassol port