chevron to buy Noble energy

Chevron’s deal to buy Noble Energy may affect “Aphrodite” gas field development

The acquisition of Noble Energy by Chevron is a development that may affect the development of the “Aphrodite” deposit, the Ministry of Energy said in a statement issued here on Monday.

In relation to yesterday`s announcement by Chevron for the acquisition of Noble Energy, a member of the consortium of companies holding an Operating Licence for the Aphrodite deposit in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry stresses that this, of course, constitutes a development that may affect the development of the deposit.

Therefore, it is noted,  the Minister of Energy Natasa Pilides, will have, in the next few days, teleconferences with the heads of both Chevron and Noble Energy in order to receive full information on the agreement reached between them, in particular those concerning the development of “Aphrodite”, which will be evaluated by the Ministry.

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